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1. By electret treatment, the melt-blown nonwovens produced by Huayan New Material have better adsorption effect on viruses, bacteria and particulate matter in the air than ordinary melt-blown nonwovens, effectively block the spread of viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances in the air, and have better protection performance.

2. The melt-blown nonwoven products have been tested by qualified third-party inspection institutions, and the test results show that the product performance meets the key performance index requirements of raw materials in the national mask standards.

3. Melt-blown nonwoven products can be used to produce N95 protective masks, medical surgical masks, disposable medical masks, ordinary civilian masks and other epidemic protection products


Product Name: KN95 Filtering Particle Respirator


Materials: PP Nonwoven Fabric, Melt blown Fabric, Hot Air Cotton

Specification: 10pc/bag, 20pcs/box, average size

Shelf Year: 3 years

Executive Standard: GB2626-2006

Instruction: Checking the packing is in good condition, open it and wear it to cover the mouth and nose.

Storage: Storage in a ventilated & dry, non-corrosive environment. Keep away from fire and flammable substances.


1 Please don’t use it when it’s damaged or soiled.

2 No washing, heating or disinfecting.

3 The product is not washable; please ensure that it’s used within the validity period.

4 Dispose at designated locations to avoid environmental impacts.


Add: 5th floor, Building 1, No 58, Kaili Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, China

Tel: 0573-82166264

User Instructions of KN95 Mask

1 Take out the mask, do not touch the inside layer.

2 Unfold the mask, Nose clip side up, put it on your face and ear elastics hanging on ears;

3 Press the nose clip gently to fit the nose shape. 4 Adjust the mask to completely cover the nose and mouth, and get best protection.


1 Wearing the mask incorrectly will fail to achieve the protective effect.

2 Take it off when breathing hard or strong irritating odor.

3 Use caution for children under 6 years, and for people with cardiopulmonary dysfunction



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